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Sneak Peek / Software Review: Tito & Samady’s Wedding

This blog has been moved to, and you are currently viewing an archived post.  To visit the new blog, click here!

A large preview with more pictures of this wedding has been up for some time on my Facebook Fan Page!  If you’re not already a fan, please check it out!

Another point of this post is testing out a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows for easy diptych and triptych creation, specifically for photo blogs.  Earlier, I was checking out a very well put together plugin called Storyboard from the people at Code & Hustle.  Great interface, operates right within Photoshop, and really snazzy, quick results.  This review from Photo Concentrate’s blog sold me on the idea.

But!  Leave it to the open-source coding crowd to create a Photoshop extension panel that does nearly everything that Storyboard does, namely, resizing and arranging multiple images for blog posts… for FREE.  Well, can’t beat that price.  Check out the free Photoshop extension, Tych Panel by Reimund Trost.  Blazing fast, a great automated mode, and simple effective layouts in no time.

Big geeky smiles of approval went into this post – Thank you Tych Panel, for making it possible.   Read more


Real Family – Fake Studio!

For a good variety of solid color 'backdrops,' all you really need is a nice wall and Adobe Lightroom. How do we do it? It's simpler than you might think! A new background is one adjustment brush away.

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