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Wedding: Abby & Shane

They know what they want, are cooler than an icebox, and personalized every little thing at the wedding! The details of the day and the closeness of the family were absolutely terrific to see, and I loved capturing every moment of it.

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Abby & Shane: Engagement – Working with Dogs!

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Recently got a chance to shoot engagement photos for Abby & Shane!  What a terrifically picturesque couple, right?  This was gonna be an easy job for sure. Or was it?

The day of the shoot, Abby said “We’d really like it if our dogs could be in the shoot!  Is that okay?”
I said “Of course!  I love dogs!”  And that’s the truth.  I love dogs!  Loyal, friendly, obedient dogs. I’m mildly allergic to most, but outdoors, it’s a non-issue. Read more