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Posts tagged ‘love’

Big Sneak Peek: Katrina & Vitaly’s Central Park Wedding

Interesting story, I met Katrina and Vitaly in Central park while I was shooting an engagement session for another couple. They waited until I was taking a small break (After ninja jumping on one ledge of the Bow Bridge to take a shot) and asked me for my information. This led to a short series of emails, and a couple months later, here we are shooting a wedding in the same place we met! I'm loving how the images in the beautiful fall leaves are looking. It was a little chilly, but they really stuck it out.

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Josh (Me) & Vanessa: Engaged!

OK... I'll try not to be too corny, but you know how much of a hopeless romantic I am.

Vanessa and I met a few years ago, in New York. She was visiting from Colombia, and we had mutual friends and went to a party.

I thought she was pretty for sure, but not somebody that I would date.
She thought I was a nice guy, and a good dancer (her words) but nothing sparked...

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Wedding: Mike & Iveth

The day started out with a nice patch of sun, which eventually flipped to a rainy thunderstorm! Even on days where the weather doesn't work out, there are always great pictures to be had indoors. As long as there's love, there will be great pictures. Or um,... at least, where there's love, and a decent photographer.

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