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Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro: Real Wedding Review (Ring shots!)

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In looking at some of the search terms that bring people to this blog, I noticed a few searches for “Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens and wedding rings” and also the question, “Is the Tamron 90mm good enough for weddings?”  I’m pretty sure I googled those exact same phrases when doing research on this popular lens.

“Is it good enough?”  Short answer: Yes. It’s good enough.  It’s actually one of the best.

Optically, the Tamron performs as well, if not better in some respects, than name-brand Nikon ‘Micro’ lenses triple it’s price.

Also, as a wedding photographer, this lens only comes out of my bag once during the day, so I don’t feel like dropping over a thousand dollars for a lens that gets used for maybe ten shots.   Read more


1 Second DIY Softbox: A White Door.

Bouncing the flash into a white door to my right (3 ft away) and shielding any direct flash with my hand emulated a sort of strip softbox look.

Remember that once you bounce your flash, the source of light is no longer the flash gun, but whatever you bounce it off of. In this case, a long and large white door.

Larger source = Softer light

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Technique Tuesday: How to slice a banana in mid air… Without the mess!

Check out the series of shots here. You might believe that after many tries and many bananas, I was finally able to nail the shots I wanted. Truth is, I only took 5 exposures and using Photoshop, arranged the elements to my liking. Today's technique will NOT cover how to actually slice a banana clean in half... but to totally make it look like you did!

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Technique Tuesday: The most important setting for sharp pictures.

"More than setting the correct aperture, shutter speed or ISO, how you hold the camera and depress the shutter will determine whether you have sharp usable shots."

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Painted HDRs

How to get that Painted HDR look - without the overdone HDR nastiness.

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Quadruple How-to!

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53.365 – Quadruple How-to!, originally uploaded by josh.liba.

You can do all the techniques used in this picture! Try it out :

How to: :

-Draw with Light

-Get ‘starbursts’ in your picture.

-Clone people

-Appear transparent (w/o photoshop layers/opacity) Read more

01: Add Cinema-Style Bars to your Photos

How to add even, proportionate cinema-style (letterbox) bars to your photos.

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