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Tips: If You Can’t Go Big… Go Small! Be H.A.P.P.Y.

A big part of being an artistic photographer is how you see the world.

Sometimes, this means making the ordinary into something interesting.

If you happen upon a majestic purple waterfall cascading down a mountain covered in tropical parrots, then your pictures will basically make themselves.

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02: Create a Simple Diptych in Photoshop!

A diptych is a presentation of two complementary photos in one picture. This is the easiest way I could find to do it in Photoshop CS4.

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Quadruple How-to!

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53.365 – Quadruple How-to!, originally uploaded by josh.liba.

You can do all the techniques used in this picture! Try it out :

How to: :

-Draw with Light

-Get ‘starbursts’ in your picture.

-Clone people

-Appear transparent (w/o photoshop layers/opacity) Read more