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Wedding: Mike & Iveth

The day started out with a nice patch of sun, which eventually flipped to a rainy thunderstorm! Even on days where the weather doesn't work out, there are always great pictures to be had indoors. As long as there's love, there will be great pictures. Or um,... at least, where there's love, and a decent photographer.

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Sneak Peek! Andria & Roosevelt Wedding

A few previews from Andria & Roosevelt's wedding! Purple is so IN this year!

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Big Sneak Peek: Jackie & Luis’ Wedding!

This gallery is turning out wonderfully, and I'm so in love with what's coming out in developing, I had to share! Here's 30 pics from Jackie & Luis' upcoming album!

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Technique: Shooting Against Strong Backlight (with Flash!)

The sun is high in the sky and blowing out your background! How do I shoot a subject against a strong backlight with flash?

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Isaac and Luz’ Wedding

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Back from North Carolina and couldn’t wait to post some of the best images from the day.  Full gallery coming soon!  Enjoy! Read more


Wedding: Abby & Shane

They know what they want, are cooler than an icebox, and personalized every little thing at the wedding! The details of the day and the closeness of the family were absolutely terrific to see, and I loved capturing every moment of it.

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Zac & Olivia: Wedding!

Finished processing the wedding pictures from Zac and Olivia's big day! Oh, what a sweet couple! Lots of love and excitement in the air for the entire day, and the entire wedding party definitely threw it down on the dance floor.

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Charley & Annetta’s Wedding

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Huge post today! More winter weddings! A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of shooting Charly and Annetta’s wedding.  It was one of those weddings where I hadn’t personally met the groom or the bride before the big day.  When the day was done, I felt like family.  What a great event.

Annetta is a strikingly beautiful bride and equally quick and smart.  She’s been learning and teaching in Mandarin Chinese for quite a few years, and from what I’ve heard, she’s exceptionally fluent.  I can’t say anything but “I don’t speak Mandarin” …in Mandarin.  Shame on me and my asian-ness.  🙂 Read more

First Wedding with the Nikon D7000: Jason and Martine

I received a Nikon D7000 last Thursday in anticipation of a wedding on the same Saturday.  Two days is not the most optimal time to test new gear, but having owned or used a number of Nikon consumer DSLR bodies (D40, D5000, D90) I figured it would be an easy learning curve - and it was!

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