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  1. Amy #

    Awesome work my friend. I especially love the super man jumping picture, lol 😉

    June 15, 2010
  2. Thanks Amy! Hey, I have some pics for you from NC…

    June 18, 2010
  3. helloooooooo

    June 23, 2010
  4. hellooooooooooo

    June 23, 2010
  5. Daniel Reynolds #

    Ahm en Joor Gess’book, Leevin cawments. This is a powerful collection, my dude! I wish I wasn’t colorblind! 😀

    June 23, 2010
  6. Wow! I love the photos from Patrice and Joel’s wedding! But it was reallly fun looking at your nature photos. Very creative. A friend of ours took our wedding photos. You might like his work. His name is Luke Drapal and his site is Enjoy!

    June 23, 2010
    • That’s some good work! I like his architecture set. I wish I could take more like that! Unlike brides, buildings will stand in one place forever until you’re satisfied with the shot. ^_^

      Nice link, thank you for leaving a comment!

      June 24, 2010
  7. Rosa #

    Wow!!! Josh great picture’s… Now you need to come to Monterey and take some picture’s of Brandon =D Or let’s all get together and hang in San Francisco some time.. =) But it would be better if you came our way, maybe even go to Big Sur =)

    June 28, 2010
    • Thanks Rosa! Would love to meet y’all out there someday! Haven’t been to Monterey in years!

      June 28, 2010
  8. Hey Josh, love the Fruit Ninja banana slice photo! I’m Phil, one of the Fruit Ninja developers and we all loved your photo. Any chance you wanted to take some more shots with other fruit? We’d love to show them around. Feel free to send me an email to chat!

    Also, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Fruit Ninja HD, our iPad version of the game with some awesome new features including multiplayer. Should be out within a couple of weeks!

    June 29, 2010
    • That’s awesome! Just wanna say, you make a great addictive game! I didn’t really wanna buy Veggie Samurai because I saw it was from a different developer. Good to know there’s an iPad Fruit Ninja HD in the works! Fruit splatters are much more satisfying than cabbage.

      I’ll send you an email. Thanks for the visit and your comments!

      June 29, 2010
  9. Beautiful gallery~ Greg sent me the link to his Mom’s wedding photos. After I saw those, I decided to browse through some other ones here. They are very well-done; aesthetically eye-pleasing! Keep up the good work and I might hire you someday. 🙂 Take care.

    July 16, 2010
    • Thanks so much Kelly! I really appreciate it – Dad always had an eye for design, so maybe it carries over somewhat. Thanks again, hope to see you soon.

      July 18, 2010
  10. Also… Did you design the theme for this website or was it from a template? It’s very sleek, yo. Fo rizzle.

    July 16, 2010
    • Good question! I used to code websites a long time ago but now have neither the patience, skill, or time. ^_^ The main website is hosted by an awesome portfolio service called viewbook!
      The main theme elements like the logo and galleries and layout are all done by me, including the colors and menu, but Viewbook gives flexible templates and creation tools that made it really easy. So I’d say half template, half me.

      The blog is hosted by WordPress, and the current theme is called “Modularity Lite by Graph Paper Press” – which let me pick my own colors to match the main site.


      July 18, 2010
  11. Very interesting. I love coding and web design, so that’s the first thing I notice about a website. I’m trying to start my own website for my nature photos and crafts, just miscellaneous stuff. I want it to be cozy and green, like a beautifully sheltered forest, just a speck of cerulean sky here and there.

    Oh, I meant to say before, I like your Flickr gallery, too. Your profile on there is really comical, something I can relate to. Maybe see ya next time I’m pursuing Patterson. 😀 Take care~!!

    July 19, 2010
    • Thanks again! I see you have a nice blossoming collection of nature pics too! A cozy and green themed site sounds just right for that. 🙂

      Let me know if you get another site going, or if you’ll be up to visit soon!

      You take care too!

      July 19, 2010
  12. Hello Josh 🙂
    Beautiful work and awesome gallery!

    July 23, 2010
    • Thank you so much Cindy! Really appreciate it. 😉

      July 24, 2010
  13. your hello story
    very supporting me
    give some new frEsh idea,


    balance in JAH duty


    August 13, 2010
    • Appreciate your comment! Thanks very much.

      August 15, 2010
  14. MJ #

    a gifted hands.

    Love your pictures 🙂

    August 14, 2010
    • Thanks so much MJ! Thanks for dropping by!

      August 15, 2010
  15. Jamesha Alexander #

    Hey JL!! James and I are super excited to have you take our wedding pictures, we know that you are the right man for the job!! Speak with you soon!!

    Mesha 8)

    P.S. I am telling everyone about your work!!

    August 27, 2010
    • Hi Mesha – Terrific! I’m really excited too! We’re gonna have a great time! Thanks for dropping by the guestbook!

      August 28, 2010
  16. Hi Josh Liba,

    This is REZA, visited your site just few minutes ago & Loved it.

    I am also a Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Freelance wedding photographer as well working with (
    But also worked in other countries as well.
    I have loved the style of your wedding photography & the technic’s as well.

    Well my wedding reception is on November 3rd, 2010. You are most welcome at my reception. If you could send me your wedding package details would be appreciated.

    Any way thnx indeed. Hope to here from U.

    Thnx REZA

    September 15, 2010
  17. Hi Josh Liba,

    This is REZA, visited your site just few minutes ago & Loved it.

    I am also a Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Freelance wedding photographer as well working with (
    But also worked in other countries as well.
    I have loved the style of your wedding photography & the technic’s as well.

    Well my wedding reception is on November 3rd, 2010. You are most welcome at my reception. If you could send me your wedding package details would be appreciated.

    Any way thnx indeed. Hope to here from U.

    Thnx REZA

    September 15, 2010
  18. Kemuel Akis #

    Hey Josh,

    Awesome pics, you probably don’t remember me, but we came from Arkansas in July and you gave us a great tour of the facility. I really like your work and I will keep in touch, keep up the great work.


    September 22, 2010
    • Hey there! I try to remember all my tours Kemuel! Hope you can come out again. Thanks a lot for the kind words! Keep in touch – I’ll add you to my Bethel Mailing List. You may receive a little newsletter from me soon… or whenever I can get around to writing it! ^_^ Take Care

      September 23, 2010
  19. Shannon Crabb #

    Hey Josh! How many times have I gone by your cubicle and noticed your artistic talent! But I never knew you were into photography! My friend’s getting married so I decided to check our your website. You are really good at it! I particularly appreciate the asian shout-outs. Just wanted you to know I’ll be spitting your name out there!
    Keep up the great work!

    October 20, 2010
    • Wow, thanks so much Shannon! Actually, I think I was only drawing and painting when you were here… Photography is relatively new to me, but I took to it quickly! 🙂
      Many thanks for the plug if you bring me some local business, yeah? Asian shout outs!!! -_-

      Brides have commented that they did not notice me moving to and fro during the ceremony. Like a photo ninja… 😀

      Thanks again!

      October 20, 2010
  20. Ruben Gutierrez #

    Hey bro, I was the DJ at Raul Pelayo’s party, Anyway just dropping by to say HOLA! and GREAT GREAT work your shots look awesome.

    October 26, 2010
    • Dude, you did a great job too! Thanks so much for the visit!

      November 2, 2010
  21. Julie G #

    Beautiful work.

    December 9, 2010
    • Thank you Julie! Thanks for visiting too!

      December 13, 2010
  22. Hey Josh, great website. I really liked one of the black and white pictures in the portrait section Its a guy with glasses and a polka dot shirt. Anyways, keep up the good work man, I hope I can keep improving until I get as good as you! (In video not photo)

    December 12, 2010
    • Appreciate that! After seeing what some pro videographers are capable of, I definitely am interested in experimenting! Just photos for now! Thanks for the visit and your kind words!

      December 13, 2010
  23. Yanty #

    Hey! It’s you, the same people in the new brochure. Are you?

    January 12, 2011
    • Ah! Yes that’s me!

      I’m glad to be used! 🙂

      January 12, 2011
  24. Yanty #

    Nice smile and nice blue shirt! You have many wonderful pictures, can I use it for my desktop background?

    January 12, 2011
    • Sure! Thanks very much! I really appreciate it. 🙂

      January 12, 2011
  25. Cheryl V #

    Josh great ninja moves at Jim and Mesha’s wedding. The pictures are BEE YU TEE FUL.

    January 20, 2011
  26. Helen (tt-tourist) #

    Hi Josh, great blog!

    January 20, 2011
  27. Pam #

    Came across your website by accident. My lucky day. WOW! What fantastic photos. I appreciate the black and whites as much as the color shots. Great work!

    February 27, 2011
    • Thank you so much Pam! I really appreciate the kind words. 🙂

      March 2, 2011
  28. Charley and Annetta’s pics are gorgeous. On such a rainy day too! You really caught the feelings in the moment despite the weather. That’s pretty impressive. No one would think it was cold and rainy. The pics are as warm and happy as everyone felt. Just a note: Don’t want to take credit for all the work for the wedding makeup. I just did the Bride. She’s didn’t need my help to make her look beautiful. But I am glad I was there. Awesome work. All your pics are lovely but a special place in my heart for Charley and Annetta’s…:o)

    March 10, 2011
    • Thanks very very much for the comment, and your contribution to the special day! You definitely helped enhance the already-beautiful bride to look her very best! 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by!

      March 10, 2011
  29. A.G. #

    Wow you have major talent. you work is absolutely beautiful!! i will definately keep you in mind for future events… i live in mass. hope thats not a prob. can you send me some info..?


    March 29, 2011
    • Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. Sure! Please drop me a line: josh[at], and let me know what info you’d like. 🙂 Thanks again!

      March 30, 2011
  30. Hey bro just want to say you got talent and keep up the great work!!! like the bethal photos keep it up

    March 30, 2011
    • Thank you Sandy! Always nice to hear that from another photographer as well! I wish you the best on your endeavors too! I think I recognize a certain sombrero on your blog… Hmmm 😀

      March 31, 2011
  31. Kendall #

    Hi. My name is Kendall and I go a Cong. in Queens. I saw a bunch of your photos and have been interested in getting into photography myself, whats a good starter SLR?

    April 5, 2011
    • Hi Kendall! Thanks very much!

      There are good starter kits from all the manufacturers. To go with the mainstream, I’d pick canon or nikon. Hold each one and whichever feels better in your hand, buy that one.

      The starter cams I would recommend are the Nikon D3100 and D5100, and Canon Rebel XSi and T3i.

      April 7, 2011
  32. Maggie #

    The Final Countdown!!!
    Josh – Just wanted to drop a note about what an awesome job you did at Abby and Shane’s wedding, you made the night funner than it already was and your songs were pitch perfect!
    If you’re even in San Antonio, drop a line and come hang out with Jon and me, I added my e-mail so I can comment.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures!
    Corny Agape Closing Line,
    Maggie Esquivel

    April 7, 2011
    • Maggie you totally helped with all the pictures too! You’re an awesome MUA, one the absolute best I’ve seen! Not that anybody needed a lot, you had beautiful canvases! I’m glad to have been a part of it all.

      I have former roommates and current friends out in Tejas! If I’m ever out that way, would love to hang with the Fam.

      Thanks for all the kind words, I’ll have some previews up soon. Mayhaps tomorrow?!? We shall see.
      Thanks mucho!

      April 7, 2011
  33. isabella adams #

    I love your pictures, well done, brother!

    April 26, 2011
    • Thank you very much! I appreciate it Isabella! 🙂

      April 26, 2011
  34. C.J. Henriquez #

    BEAST photographer, keep it up, hope to see you nearby soon.

    May 7, 2011
    • BEAST DJ! Thanks for the heads-up man, I really appreciate it. Keep those bodies movin and the crowds rockin.

      May 8, 2011
  35. ggggrreeeaaatttttt work Josh


    May 19, 2011
  36. Lisa soto #

    Hi my chilipeno friend! I’m so happy to have met you! You were so funny and your profille is great! Please let me know when Brenda and Willfred Seguras wedding are up! ;D

    July 7, 2011
    • Thank you so much! I had a great time too! Stay tuned!
      More sneak peeks and pics will be here. Nice to meet you!

      July 7, 2011
  37. Jasmine #

    Nice job! By the way, did you know some of the blog section does not come up on Chrome, but it’s fine on Safari!

    Yo mama!

    July 8, 2011
    • Interesting… I’ll check on it! Thanks thanks. 🙂

      July 8, 2011
  38. Jasmine #

    Oh, I was using Jasmine’s sign in.


    July 8, 2011
  39. Jeremmie #

    Hi Josh. Love every single photo you shoot! Awesome work 🙂

    July 9, 2011
  40. I think it’s time I let you know that I’ve been your avid follower ever since! Your work inspires me a lot!

    July 10, 2011
    • That’s awesome, Bryan, thank you so much. I’m glad!

      July 11, 2011
  41. Alex #

    Hi Josh, I have JW friend in Colombia who wants to learn some tricks for her photography could u help her?

    July 15, 2011
    • Sure, she can send me an email: josh (at) joshliba .com

      Or use the CONTACT form above, on the website.

      I will help as best I can! 🙂 Thanks for signing the guestbook.

      July 15, 2011
  42. Jody #

    Hello Josh,
    I was part of Dria and Roosevelt’s bridal party. I just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job on the photography. You had more energy than anyone there, and it was awesome. You captured some really sepcial moments, and some goofy ones too. Keep it up. You are very talented. Thanks for everything.

    August 23, 2011
    • Thank you so much! It was really a great day for all of us and I’m glad to have been there. 🙂 Very nice of you to leave me a note!

      August 23, 2011
  43. ashley cruz #

    love your work!! i want to make you an admin on my like page in facebook, so you can get your creativity going on my like page lol!

    September 4, 2011
    • Hehe! I’ll do my best Ash! Keep doing an excellent job. 🙂

      September 5, 2011
  44. Raluca C. #

    Hy,Josh!I have just visited your website and really loved your work.It is actually amazing.Keep up the good work!!! :-bd 😀

    September 15, 2011
    • Thanks Raluca! Much appreciated. 🙂

      September 15, 2011
  45. kura25 #

    I loved the your working,I love your photos, Nice Job..
    I’m studying graphic design and photography part and I like photography, your work inspires me. (=

    September 16, 2011
    • Thank you very much! That’s really nice to hear. Keep up your design and photography work too! I’ll visit your site. 🙂

      September 17, 2011
  46. Hey Josh,
    Amazing pics my man. You are very talented as some have mentioned. Keep up the great work in photography and in Bethel!

    September 27, 2011
    • Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. I’ll do my best on both fronts. 😉

      September 27, 2011
  47. Michael Gietler #

    HI josh,
    We love your pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. What a gift you have.
    Mike & Becky Gietler-Arizona

    October 7, 2011
    • Thank you so much for dropping by and the kind words. 🙂

      October 7, 2011
  48. Hello Josh! Your sister Javonnia from Baltimore…….was looking for informaition on using D7000 and came across your blog! I had a feelng right away ….you know could he be…lol. Anyway your work is awesome! I hope our paths cross one day!
    I primarily do makeup but also love photography and striving to one day get to your level! Keep up the great work, keep the love and joy in your work along with the amazing artistic eye.

    October 9, 2011
  49. Josh, congratulations!!! So happy for you 🙂
    saw the supercute pictures J took!

    October 18, 2011
    • Thank you so much! Hoping to do a post on the actual engagement too! Very appreciated. 😀

      October 18, 2011
  50. Arlene #

    Hello, I recently joined your blog and it was such a pleasure to view your work and read your comments! Viewing pictures of people at their happiest is truly mood boosting. Keep up the good work Josh and I am certainly looking forward to see your future work.

    October 19, 2011
    • Hi Arlene! Thank you so much for your comments! A happy photographer helps too! It’s been my privilege to be chosen to document such joyful occasions. Thanks again. 😉

      October 19, 2011
  51. Hahaa! I understand why you are a happy photographer. Congratulations on your recent wedding engagement! Now it’s your turn to enjoy being on the other side of the camera. Enjoy every moment!

    October 22, 2011
  52. Michele English #


    Wow! I just saw Dachele and Richard’s engagement pictures and they are awesome you really captured my daughters natural beauty and of course Rich looks very handsome also. Your shots are the first selection of pic’s she actually loved. The pic’s are sharp, nice angles and amazing color, love the black and white options too(classic). Nicole & Kevin’s wedding preview pic’s are also fabulous, can’t wait to see the rest.

    October 27, 2011
    • Thank you so much Michele! As I told Dachele, it seems beauty runs in your family! It’s my pleasure to be a part of these special occasions. 🙂 See you soon!

      October 27, 2011
  53. isabel adams #

    What gorgeous , romantic engagement pictures! Congratulations to you both-you make a lovely couple, and I can`t wait to see your wedding pics
    love from Isabel

    November 4, 2011
    • Thank you Isabel! Many greetings. 🙂

      November 4, 2011
  54. Raluca C. #

    Hey,Josh!Congratulations for the engagement!!!Hope you & Vanessa will be very happy!Wish you only best!!May Jehovah bless you both for the decision you took!!!Your sis,Raluca 😀

    November 7, 2011
  55. Michael Gietler #


    Congratulations to you & your beautiful girl. We are so happy for you both. Loved your engagement pictures taken by your cousin, talent
    runs in the family. Please keep us posted with your wedding pictures in the future. Say hi to Raj. Love all your pictures.
    Mike & Becky

    November 7, 2011
  56. Jay Ann Leyson #

    Nice Website Josh. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. keep up the good work 🙂

    November 26, 2011
  57. Joe Borg #

    Nice work Josh. Josh il-Liba Ommok 🙂

    February 8, 2012
  58. Iqbal S. Sarai #

    I have been looking at your site for several months now for few months. It is one of the best I have seen. I really enjoy looking at your wedding and engagement portraits they are great. I found your site while searching reviews on Nikon d7000. Photography has been my photography since my teens. I have had Nikon d200 with 18-200 kit lens for over six years now and have been doing some research to replace it with Nikon d7000. I shoot mostly family events such as birthdays, anniversaries and some budget wedding for friends and relatives. I do not have a website. I turn down lot of work because I feel I do not own top of the line equipment. I can afford to invest bout $2500 this year for for new equipment. Any information will help. Thank you.

    Iqbal S. Sarai

    March 11, 2012
    • Hi Iqbal,

      Wow, thank you so much for your comments and visits! I would be happy to help however I can.

      The Nikon D200 is still a very capable camera, but I can see why you might like to upgrade. The D7000 is a worthy choice for any event shooter because of its dual card slots, low light performance, compatibility for off camera flashes, and 16MP resolution. I would definitely go for the body-only model since you already have an 18-200 lens that you can use.

      If you have requests for work, and you’re unconfident about the gear that you have, remember that you don’t have to buy everything that you use. Even highly paid professional photographers choose to rent gear for each event rather than buy it. This of course depends on your location.

      If you would definitely like to buy the gear and you have $2500 to spend this year, there are some great choices for you, depending on your shooting style and tastes. One choice would be the D7000 body, a fast event zoom lens for DX like the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC, and perhaps a speed light kit and umbrella to start.

      If you would like to have a chat with me about more gear recommendations and more importantly, usage, send me an email:

      I can offer time, instruction and recommendations for gear, shooting, business, website, marketing and more, on an hourly basis – Just contact me for more information and answers!

      Thank you very much for your visit, hope to hear from you soon.


      March 12, 2012
  59. it would be great to see more non-wedding and engage portrets, their arrangements are awesome!

    April 16, 2012
    • Thanks so much! I should definitely have more portraits up! I’ll be posting them on a new blog on

      April 17, 2012

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