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Wedding: Mike and Monica

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It was a long drive to North Carolina for this very well planned wedding.  I don’t think I’ve met a more energetic and smiling groom!  Mike was constantly making all of us laugh, and especially his lovely bride Monica.  So thanks Mike, for helping to make these pictures great!  Smiling people are beautiful people.

The day started and ended at the Landmark in Garner NC.  A sun-filled, low ceiling, elegant ballroom was wonderful for reception pictures.  The outdoor gardens at the Landmark also provided lots of scenic variety for the formals and bride-groom shots.  Great service and food as well.  

Light was great throughout the day, even overpowering at times!  There were plenty of open shade areas to make great pictures in, and we really needed it, seeing as this was the largest wedding party I’ve ever shot!  Seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen make for sixteen people, including the Bride and Groom!  Stairs were in order. 🙂

The dance floor was one of the smallest, but most lively ever!  Always packed… seeing as you could fill it with 20 people.  But the DJ, Alex Curry of KM DJ Company, laid down the tracks for the night, and he did an excellent job playing to the crowd.

I was able to steal Mike and Monica for pictures out in the garden right before sunset, and much to my surprise, the whole garden lit up with twinkle lights when the sun went down!  So we made good use of that for some night time romantic dancing pictures.  🙂

These shots are all part of a new portfolio gallery on, and thanks again, Tych Panel Photoshop Plugin, for helping lay out the pics for this post.

Also, a big Thank You to Daniel Ro, who helped as second shooter, voice-activated lightstand, and sanity-keeping driving helper on this wedding!


More pictures!  Hit the link…

mm2 mm3 mm4 mm6 mm7 mm8 mm9

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