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Zac & Olivia: Wedding!

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Finished processing the wedding pictures from Zac and Olivia’s big day!  Oh, what a sweet couple!  Lots of love and excitement in the air for the entire day, and the entire wedding party definitely threw it down on the dance floor.  Great dance shots happen when you’re all up in the mix!  Dancing with two cameras attached takes some practice though.  I had forgotten that I took one of my cameras off it’s strap to take a high picture.  I work with R-Straps, so I’m used to letting the camera go at hip level and it just stays in place, lens reversed.  You know what happened?  I just put my camera by my hip, and let it drop to the floor!  AHH!  Thankfully, it didn’t land on the lens, and the D300s and SB-900 are meant to be handled roughly.  I picked it up and just kept shooting.

Action, action action!  Every moment of the day, there were candids and moments to be captured.  I don’t like being up in people’s faces to take their picture, so a lot of these shots come courtesy of my longer lenses.  I’m really digging 85mm + D7000 right now as my body/lens set of choice.

And with such beautiful people, how can you go wrong? 🙂  Great colors, great smiles, and great times.  Oh, and delicious truffles for favors.  Thanks!


70 favorites from the big day – If you’d like to see a set of 200, please check out my Fan Page!

Photographers:  Wedding shot on Nikon D300s and D7000:

Which are which?  Meh, I didn’t feel like posting EXIF for 70 pics, but if you wanna know, I’ll tell you. 😉

More Pics!  Hit the link…

Congratulations Zac & Olivia!

Vendors that made this possible:

DJ: JTD Productions Inc, James Morgan

Reception: The Hillside Manor, Kingston

More Vendors listed as Details received.

Special shout out to Katy Allard, Photographer, for helping shoot & wrangle! 😉

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  1. Shannon mH Erickson #

    Wow, that last shot turned out amazing!

    Of course, there are many great shots in the bunch but there’s just something about that last one – the lighting and the moon…

    Love ’em!

    March 24, 2011
  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, I didn’t know the moon would turn out so beautifully in the final picture, but it was just in the right place at the right time! Thanks Shannon!

    March 26, 2011
  3. Eric Calabros #

    beautiful faces, beautiful shots.

    May 7, 2011
  4. I viewed all the 70 shots (with the new Yellowjackets album in the background) and after a while I decided to simply enjoy & learn instead of guessing which ones are from which sensor. The fact that one can barely tell them apart says a lot about the D7k especially when it’s fitted with the right glass and then handled by an artist and enthusiast.

    Amazing work Josh as usual and a wealth of inspiration for me.

    January 24, 2012

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