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Sneak Peek! Samady & Tito’s Engagement

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Booyah.  Big post coming up this week featuring the lovely Samady & Tito, who are engaged to be married!  (I’ll be there too!) Gotta double-time it on this set since they’re going to use them for the wedding… which is *also* this month!  Ah!

Photographers:  If you’re looking for Nikon D7000 shots, this upcoming set will be ALL D7000 shots with prime glass and high ISOs.  Great performance, as I’ve noted before, and will demo soon!

Until then, hope you like today’s preview pic!  (Click to open in Flickr)

Love in the Heart of the City

Nikon D7000 + 85mm f/1.4D, Lightroom 3, PS CS5, and Josh Liba Magic Sauce.

Original capture: 1/100sec, 85mm f/2, ISO1000

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  1. Raycoy #

    Very nice Im excited to see this all D7000 series.

    March 9, 2011

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