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Shortcuts: Taking pictures of blizzards

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Here’s a pic of the blizzard currently raging outside my window today:

Some of the colors here naturally appeared from the ISO noise and reflections in the window… so I ran with it.
Photographing falling snow is tricky.  Pick a shutter speed of around 1/300 sec and manual focus about 3 feet in front of you with a nice wide aperture for this effect. Snow is very white so it’ll throw your exposure metering for a loop.  It thinks the scene is over exposed.  If you have a snow mode on your camera, you can try that setting.  In aperture or shutter priority, you’ll want to increase your exposure compensation by about 1/2 to 1 full stop.

Uh… that’s to get a picture of snow that actually looks like snow.  In the example, I let the camera meter and the snow went to gray… and I darkened it even further.  My personal taste to create the final piece.

Be careful out there with your camera!  Unless you have a bit of weather sealing, remember to put a bag or something over your camera.  Snow is like slow-falling rain and can damage your camera if you’re not careful!  Bringing your camera back into a heated house from the cold may also cause condensation inside the camera body too, so beware!

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  1. Awesome! I plan to do similar today we have snow YAY! No work till wednesday 😀

    Nice shot too BTW. I often put a ziplock bag over my camera and cut a small hole for the lens and wing most of my shots. The ziplock bag also works as a cool light modifier. Silica Gel hels with condensation issues.

    January 9, 2011

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