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The Steve & Window Light

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You don’t need a lot of fancy lighting equipment to make a great portrait.  You just need a window.  Maybe, MAYBE, you could add a white bed sheet over the window or some lacy curtains to further diffuse the light.  Position subject 3-5 feet from said window.  Shoot shallow (use a low aperture f-stop number to separate your subject from the background) and over expose a little for the shadows.

This is my roommate, Steve.

We went to visit his Grandmother over the weekend, and stopped by his house to see his mother and sister before going back.

This is taken in his old room, where he grew up. Although the walls are bare, they’re nice and blue, and there’s a large window facing the sun. What better conditions could a portrait photographer ask for?  There was additionally a white door to his left about 8 feet away that acted as a nice bounce for fill.  No flash.  Happy Steve.

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  1. Available light = whatever light is available to you 😉

    August 26, 2010

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