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Quadruple How-to!

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53.365 – Quadruple How-to!, originally uploaded by josh.liba.

You can do all the techniques used in this picture! Try it out :

How to: :

-Draw with Light

-Get ‘starbursts’ in your picture.

-Clone people

-Appear transparent (w/o photoshop layers/opacity)


-Draw with Light::

In a darker place (Room, Nighttime) Set your camera to manual mode, choose a long shutter speed (try 10-30 seconds) and a small aperture (f/11 or higher) Have a bright flashlight. Start the exposure, and draw away! Only the light will show up. In the picture above, I walked along the path, shining the light on and off into the camera as I moved farther away on both sides of the walkway.

-Get Starbursts: :

When you choose a high aperture number (small opening) the light has to squeeze through the small hole, resulting in a starburst. The star usually has as many points as your lens has aperture blades. This only works on points of light.

-Clone People::

a) In Camera: Some DSLRs have option for “double exposure.” Set it to ‘ON’ and set ‘Auto Gain’ so that it adds one picture to the next. Set camera on tripod, and activate by remote or timer. Take a picture in one position, then without moving the camera, move to another position and take the second picture. Your double exposure will have two of you!

b) In Photoshop: Set up camera on tripod and take pictures standing in multiple places of the scene. In Photoshop, you can put the two or more pictures together as layers, and then ‘erase’ yourself into the picture. You can google ‘photoshop clone portrait’ for more. Or PM me.

-Appear Transparent (w/o Photoshop):

Preferrably, you should have a strobe for this.  It will work with the pop up flash too though.  Set your camera flash to ‘second curtain’ or ‘rear.’ This means flash will fire right before the aperture closes, rather than right when it opens. Set the camera up for a long exposure (see settings for ‘draw with light’ above) and then start the exposure. Right before the camera finishes it’s exposure, walk into the frame and pose! The camera will flash before it closes, and you will appear in frame as a see-through person!


Nikon D90+Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ f/11 ISO200 30sec

CLS Triggered SB-600 bottom left, pointed up at face


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  1. Sarah #

    This is really helpful! Nice entry 🙂

    April 30, 2010

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